The Practice of Building Connection

Welcome to CouplesWork!

CouplesWork is dedicated to working with couples, their families, as well as individuals, and to supporting them in navigating life and relationships and to empowering them in creating deep and authentic experiences.

We believe the practice of counselling must be understandable, practical and effective. CouplesWork has worked to make these fundamentals useable in the real world. Years of refinement with hundreds of real world clients resulted in an approach that focuses on building capacity so that clients can increase awareness and gain control of the actual mechanisms which create their experience in relationships and beyond.

Couples Counselling/Therapy

Couples therapy supports couples in building awareness around the challenges that make connection difficult, in gaining the tools

Out-Call Services

CouplesWork is committed to serving clients by working to help  remove the barriers to them accessing the support

Communication Skills Training

Communication skills training is about identifying the factors that are getting in the way of a couple’s ability

Thrive Youth/Teen and  Parenting Support

The pair bonding relationship forms the foundation of a healthy family. It can be a challenges however to

Separation and Divorce

Navigating the emotions and practical realities of relationships can be a challenge at the best of times. The

Individual Counselling

Many clients who attend individual sessions are in relationship but many are not. In both cases, the challenges

Welcome to CouplesWork

We are glad you are here. We would be honoured to support you in your relationship Journey.


Meet Our Team

Carl Malmsten

Senior Therapist

Carl Malmsten, as lead and supervising therapist, brings a wealth of experience working with relationships, families and individuals to the CouplesWork team.

Tanya Pyasetska

Marriage, Individual and Family Counselling

Tanya brings significant experiences to her work with both couples and individuals. She  helps clients understand what is driving their challenges and to finding paths change.

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Marriage, Individual and Family Counselling